32 postures, games and visualizations

Par France Hutchison

A practical guide essential in schools, child care and even at home. France Hutchison gathered many yoga techniques suitable for toddlers and that will allow you to teach relaxation and improve kids learning. With this beautifully illustrated guide, accompanied by a music CD, teachers, child care workers and parents are able to offer relaxation and concentration to their children from the age of 3 years. Each posture is accompanied by a very detailed description strong and very accessible for the benefit to the child, the instructions to follow, how to view. The author offers several variants. The Namasté mischievous mascot raises questions that France responds to feed the creativity of the child. This illustrated guide comes wiht a CD

– Instructions for 32 postures

– Visualisation games

– Concentration and relaxation techniques

This practical guide is essential for schools, day-cares centers and even at home.